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Weekly Sheet 5 December 2021

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Readings for Advent week 2, year 2

Monday:              Isaiah 35. 1-10; Psalm 85. 8-13 Luke 5. 17-26
Tuesday:              Isaiah 40. 1-11; Psalm 96 Matthew 18. 12-24
Wednesday:       Isaiah 40. 25-31; Psalm 103. 1-4, 8, 10 Matthew 11. 28-30
Thursday:            Isaiah 41. 13-20; Psalm 145. 1-4, 8-13 Matthew 11. 7-15
Friday:                  Isaiah 48. 17-19 Psalm 1. 1-4, 6 Matthew 11. 16-19
Saturday:             Isaiah 48. 1-4, 9-11; Psalm 80. 2,3, 15,16 Matthew 17. 10-13

All can be found here

A lot to read this week – the December magazine, the weekly sheet and a form we would like you to fill in and return, either by email or to church.

There is no Psalm this Sunday – we are instead given Zechariah’s song at the end of Luke chapter one.  You will remember that Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, refused to accept the message given him by Gabriel and was struck dumb as a result. When he agreed with his wife Elizabeth that their child, born as a result of God’s grace, should be called John, his mouth was set free. His song after this (the ’Benedictus’) is an outpouring of joy at God’s good gifts, coupled with a prophecy about his son ‘You, my child, shall become the Prophet of the Most High. For you will go before the Lord to prepare his way’.

This week’s gospel, from Luke 3, has John the Baptist doing just that, not mincing his words as he addresses all who came and proclaiming ‘the one who is more powerful that I is coming’. He reminds them (and us) of the need for sincere repentance as a part of our lives, the seeking out of God’s healing love coming as a result of our honesty before him. Which is why Advent is a penitential season…..

The magazine is the usual array of riches, together with a listing of the services for Christmas. All is as we did in 2019 (remember?) except that the Carol Service at Saint John’s has had to be limited to 80. Tickets for this will be available from next Friday, on a first-come basis. The first Mass of Christmass will follow in All Saints at 21.00 and is open to all.

You may receive as many as 4 electoral roll forms – we are very anxious to reach everyone, by distribution in church, by letter, with the hard copy magazine and by this email. As we move into the Ministry Area it will be increasingly important to ‘have a little list’ ( though not for the same reasons as the Lord High Executioner!) so that we can all communicate more easily. The Electoral roll, which we have to renew in 2022 anyway, is the easiest way for us to do this. Please complete and return the form, however you receive it. It is held on a secure database.

So far there is no case of the new variant in Wales but we have already had our first concert cancellation because of Covid infection in the performing choir. We are still in Level 0, there have been no additional restrictions put in place in Wales and our current programme on the weekly sheet remains as planned. The maximum attendance in All Saints for concerts is 150 (50% capacity) and wearing a mask is, obviously expected. Stay cautious and stay safe……..

It has been a delight this week to have the Christmas Tree Festival back and we are very grateful to Porthcawl Rotary for all they have done to put this together and staff it.

Our deepest sympathy to Paul our Treasurer on the death of his mother, Jeane Smart, earlier this week. May she rest in peace.

Every blessing for the week to come,
Fr Philip