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Weekly Sheet 27 June 2021

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Readings for Week 13 in Year 1
Monday:                      Genesis 18:16-33; Psalm 102:1-4, 8-11; Matthew 8:18-22
Tuesday:                      Ezekiel 3. 4-11; Psalm 125; Acts12. 1-11; Matthew 16. 13-20 
Wednesday:                 Genesis 21:5, 8-20 ; Psalm 34. 7-13;   Matthew 8. 28-35  
Thursday:                    Genesis 22:1-19; Psalm 114:1-6, 8-9; Matthew 9:1-8
Friday:                        Genesis 23:1-4; Psalm 105:1-5; Matthew 9:9-13 
Saturday:                     Habbakuk 2. 1-4; Psalm 31. 1-5; Ephesians 2. 19-22; John 20. 24-29

All can be found here.

The big news this week, internally at least, is that from this Sunday we are allowed to SING (provided we wear masks). It is now, of course, well over a year since a hymns has been sung in any church, so this is a major step towards regaining what we have lost. We presume everyone remembers the tunes……..; no choirs yet, however and we ask people to sing moderately – no bellowing forth, as seems to be the rule for football stadiums. Covid-19 is droplet-transmitted, so we ask everyone to exercise some restraint.

The time around the feast of St Peter is traditionally one of the major times for ordinations, and therefore anniversaries – two years for Fr Geoff, four for Fr Mark and 43 for me. We give thanks for our opportunity to serve and ask for prayers for those awaiting their ordination as deacon and priest.           

As our life begins to re-start we are exploring the legalities and practicalities of serving coffee after church – it has to be brought to the table of no more than six, biscuits etc must be pre-packaged, etc – . The Mothers’ Union is having its first meeting since March 2020 on 6th July and we are making plans for the Annual Vestry Meeting and a meeting of the Parish Council now that we have received the Accounts for 2020. These will be published on the website this coming week.

This is a week packed with saints-days, some central like Peter, Paul and Thomas and the martyr Irenaeus, another more local like Euddogwy, sometime Bishop of Llandaff. Peter, Paul and Thomas each offer us insights and teaching about the way of Christ and how he redeems and forgives even those who deny Him or doubt him. The abiding image I have of these three is about nurture and love, coupled with a fearlessness in faith. Nurture because Jesus accepts them and helps them turn from their failings and rejection. Love because that is what they learn and what they offer to those whom they convert and teach and fearlessness because all three will become martyrs – witnesses – for the faith , filled with hope in the Lord who overcomes death and sin.

The gospel reading, now that Jesus has calmed the seas and reached the other side of the lake, are both about another thing Jesus offers  – healing and wholeness.

So it is a week full of lessons for us as we make our journey – above all that we have trust in the One who comes to save us and touch us with a love greater than the world can offer.

Every blessing,
Fr Philip

Saint Peter

Impulsive master of misunderstanding
You comfort me with all your big mistakes;
Jumping the ship before you make the landing,
Placing the bet before you know the stakes.
I love the way you step out without knowing,
The way you sometimes speak before you think,
The way your broken faith is always growing,
The way he holds you even when you sink.
Born to a world that always tried to shame you,
Your shaky ego vulnerable to shame,
I love the way that Jesus chose to name you,
Before you knew how to deserve that name.
And in the end your Saviour let you  prove
That each denial is undone by love.

Malcolm Guite