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Weekly Sheet 25 July 2021

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Readings for Week 17 in Year 1

Monday:                       Exodus 32:15-24; 30-34; Psalm 106:19-23; Matthew 13:31-35

Tuesday:                      Exodus 33.7-11; 34:5-10,27, 28; Psalm 103.1-13; Matthew 13:36-43

Wednesday:                 Exodus 34:29-35; Psalm 99; Matthew 13:44-46          

Thursday:                    Exodus 40:16-21, 34, 38; Psalm 84;    Matthew 13:47-53

Friday:                         Leviticus 23:1-11, 26-38; Psalm 81:1-10 Matthew 13:54-58

Saturday:                     Leviticus 25:1, 8-17; Psalm 67; Matthew 14:1-12

All can be found here.


‘Too hot for dogs’ has changed this morning to ‘where have I put my waterproofs’. Whether this is due to Climate Change or just typical summertime, I prefer something less extreme, middle of the road, even Anglican…..(a line for Fr Mark, who begins his holidays on Monday). It is a shame that this happens when today we celebrate the first of last year’s postponed weddings: nonetheless we wish Rhiannon and James and their children every blessing for their future.

Just to allay, I hope, some fears about Ministry Areas. Our financial structures remain substantially as they are – there will be a new central fund for clergy and admin expenses and the parish share – but everything else will be banked and maintained locally. Most of our funds are in any case held in trust and cannot be transferred out. Similarly, neither I or my colleagues are being moved or transferred – the pastoral arrangements remain as they are now. As with all these things, some things are better done and maintained locally and there are also strengths in having a perspective outside our present boundaries.

Saint James, the first martyred apostle, was known, of course as Boanerges, one of the ’Sons of Thunder’. One of the first to be called, with his brother John leaving his father Zebedee with the nets and boats to follow Jesus, he, with Peter and John, were the three closest to Jesus, with Jesus at the Transfiguration and in Gethsemane. He became the leader of the new church in Jerusalem and, as we hear in the reading from Acts tomorrow, was put to death by the sword on the orders of Herod Agrippa. The patron saint of Spain the church of Santiago de Compostella has become a great place of pilgrimage, hence the prayer on the notice sheet.

Keep dry and safe!


Fr Philip

Pilgrim’s Prayer, used by those travelling the Camino to Santiago de Compostella,

the shrine of St James

“O God, who brought your servant Abraham

out of the land of the Chaldean’s,

protecting him in his wanderings,

who guided the Hebrew people across the desert, we ask that you watch over us,

your servants, as we walk in the love of your name to Santiago de Compostela. 

Be for us our companion on the walk,

Our guide at the crossroads,

Our breath in our weariness,

Our protection in danger,

Our albergue on the Camino,

Our shade in the heat,

Our light in the darkness,

Our consolation in our discouragements,

And our strength in our intentions. 

So that with your guidance we may arrive

safe and sound at the end of the Road

and enriched with grace and virtue we return safely to our homes filled with joy 

In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord,  Amen