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Weekly Sheet 2 May 2021

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Readings for Easter 5:
Monday:             Acts 14:5-18; Psalm 115:1-12; John 14:21-26
Tuesday:              Acts 14:19-27; Psalm 145:10-13, 22; John 14:27-31
Wednesday:       Acts 15:1-6; Psalm 122; John 15:1-8
Thursday:            Acts 15:7-21; Psalm 96:1-3, 10-13; John 15:9-11
Friday:                  Acts 15:22-31; Psalm 57:5-11; John 15:12-17
Saturday:            Acts 16:1-10; Psalm 100; John 15:12-17

All can be found here

As we look forward to Bank Holiday Monday: 11 degrees if we are lucky and buckets of rain.…. Monday also sees the first phase of re-opening our halls (if you are part of an exercise group) so yet another step onwards.

Last week we ate out to celebrate Elen’s birthday, eating out a habit we had almost forgotten about, another step forward….and of course lots of good news about low infection rates and high inoculation rates. But…

The ‘but’ is a reminder that while we are in a good place now (but went through a very, very bad spell). India, perhaps above all and many other places, are still suffering horribly and hellishly with the effects of Covid-19 raging in a country without the infrastructure to deal with it. They need our prayers and a lot more action by our government to offer help and assistance. It does no credit for a nation to walk down the other side like the priest in the good Samaritan.

Don’t forget that there elections on Thursday (the Thursday mass will be at All Saints because of this).

We moved here on 1st May 1992, the feast of St Philip and St James and I became your Rector on the 8th, so I will soon begin my 30th year as your priest. So much to remember and so much to give thanks for……

Every blessing,
Fr Philip

I am the Vine – A Sonnet
How might it feel to be part of the vine?
                Not just to see the vineyard from afar
Or even pluck the clusters, press the wine,
                But to be grafted in, to feel the stir
Of inward sap that rises from our root,
                Himself deep planted in the ground of Love,
To feel a leaf unfold a tender shoot,
                As tendrils curled unfurl, as branches give
A little to the swelling of the grape,
                In gradual perfection, round and full,
To bear within oneself the joy and hope
                Of God’s good vintage, till it’s ripe and whole.
What might it mean to bide and to abide
                In such rich love as makes the poor heart glad?
                                                                                Malcom Guite