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Weekly Sheet 18 April 2021

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Readings for Easter 3:
Monday: Acts 6. 8-15; Psalm 119’161-168; John 6. 22-29
Tuesday: Acts 7. 51-8 .1a; Psalm 31 .1-5; John 6. 30-35
Wednesday: Acts 8. 1b-8; Psalm 66. 1-7; John 6. 35-40
Thursday:          Acts 8. 26-40; Psalm 66. 8,9, 16-20; John 6. 44-51                            
Friday:               Acts 9. 1-20 Psalm 117; John 6. 52-59
Saturday:          Acts 9. 31-42; Psalm 116. 12-19; John 6. 60-69

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It is good to see John Street returning to full opening, a welcome new step towards whatever our new normal will be. Many of us have had or are awaiting our second jab and that too is added reassurance. Next stop open pubs and open restaurants!

As part of this process we have retired the hard seating in our churches and rejoice in cushioned comfort. Although, of course, we still have to be socially distant and fill in the test and trace sheet, it is another steps onwards. The organs are sounding forth in all three churches, now though singing will probably have to wait yet a while. We have received a grant to put a permanent camera in All Saints which will upgrade our livestreams from there and we intend, for the foreseeable future, to continue livestreaming every day. We average 40 ‘clicks to play’ each weekday and our outreach now is to 8,797 views over the last 28 days, with only a third of our views coming from Porthcawl and regular viewers, somehow, from an international audience.

The gospel reading this week is from the final chapter of Luke, immediately after the Emmaus story on Easter evening. The disciples are full of fear when Jesus appears to them. As with the John reading last week Jesus offer physical proof of his reality moving on from offering touch to sharing in their food ‘while in their joy they were disbelieving and still wondering’ – something totally understandable …..can this really be true? Jesus open the scriptures to them and empowers then as witnesses to this new truth. The verse after the reading gives them the promise of the Holy Spirit and Luke ends with Ascension ‘And they worshipped him and returned to Jerusalem with great joy’ it says. So they make a journey of faith, as we do. The promise and the command to them is the same as to us – take the good news, share the good news and be touched with the same joy.

May that joy touch your hearts and lives.
Every blessing,
Fr Philip

Emmaus Road Poem

Two travellers trudging
the long road from Jerusalem.
Their sorry faces are bent,
reliving the sad event
that sent them scurrying.
“What next?” they wonder.

The stranger comes alongside,
and he is told the sad tale,
but far from sympathizing
he starts scolding them;
too slow of heart,
too slow on the uptake,
not enough faith.

They did not know him;
but their hearts burned.
What quality was in that man
that sparked interest
rather than resentment;
hope rather than anger?

Only at the dinner table
is the unseen traveller
on every road revealed;

Jesus stands among us.

Suddenly fortified,
the travellers take to the road
fuelled with good news,
for all generations:,
“We have seen the Lord!
We have seen the Lord!”

Carol Penner