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Weekly Sheet 16 January 2022

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Readings for this week: 2nd week of ordinary time, Yr 2

Monday:             1 Samuel 15:16-23; Psalm 50:7-15, 23 Mark 2:18-22

Tuesday:              1 Samuel 16:1-13; Psalm: 89:19-27 Mark 2:23-28

Wednesday:       1 Samuel 17:32-51; Psalm 144:1-10 Mark 3:1-6

Thursday:            1 Samuel 18:6-9, 19:1-8; Psalm 56 Mark 3:7-12

Friday:                 1 Samuel 24:2-20; Psalm 57 Mark 3:13-19

Saturday:            2 Samuel 1:1-4, 11-12,

All can be found here

Two more weeks of Level 2 and then freedom (or Level 0) beckons, hopefully for ever. Over 1.75 million have now been boostered, which is good news for all of us. Those of you who know your Greek alphabet that there are still 9 letters to go for variant names – we pray they will not be needed!

This week we move from a newly-baptized Jesus to His first miracle, at the start of John chapter 2. In John, Jesus calls His disciples after His recognition and affirmation by John and John’s description of the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Him. He is described as the Lamb of God – a symbol of the sacrifice to come. The first called is Andrew, described as a disciple of John the Baptist and he calls his brother Simon, whom Jesus call Cephas or Peter, the Rock. Philip and Nathanael follow. Nathanael lived near Cana, the place of the wedding-feast, which may be the reason for the invitation for them to attend -weddings were a community feast. Nazareth is about 9 miles away.

The wedding at Cana takes place ‘on the third day’, another prequel. Like much of John’s gospel the story is meant to be read on more than one level. The good wine, in huge quantities (120 – 180 gallons!) and better than any seen before, is a result of Jesus’ intervention and is meant to be seen as a Sign, revealing, as John says, Jesus’ glory, the glory already spoken about  in 1.14, ‘And the word became flesh and lived among us, and we have seen his glory, the glory as of a father’s on son, Full of grace and truth.  The echo is intentional – the change of water into wine is done by the Word, God, made flesh. The Glory is making Himself know and, as we are told, ‘his disciples believed in him.’

We can enter into this picture. We can be part of this same journey of faith, from our initial calling. Our path now is to walk with Jesus to Jerusalem: like his disciples our faith can be variable and sometimes sceptical: that is understood and accepted (look at Peter, the ‘Rock’). Jesus takes our flesh and knows at first had how we are. He is faithful to us, even when we are not faithful to him. The vats of water turned to wine is how God is in Christ-  better than anything found elsewhere and offering more than we can take or comprehend. ‘Come to me, all who are burdened and heavy-laden and I will give you rest.’

Unity week begins on Tuesday, though again we will not be having our usual sessions. There will be a Unity Service next Sunday in All Saints next Sunday at 18.30.
Teddy Kalungo will be moving from Trinity this year, so we have asked him to preach. All welcome.

Blankets for the last two years the Christmas Tree at All Saints has been made up of hand-made small  blankets. These are now for sale, £5 minimum, with money going to the homeless.

Wedding ring a gold gents wedding ring has been found outside All Saints. Let us know if it is yours, please.

Take care still – the virus has not gone away.

Every blessing,
Fr Philip