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Weekly Sheet 15 August 2021

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Readings for Week 20 in Year 1

Monday:                  Judges 2:11-19; Psalm 51:1-9; Matthew 19:16-22                           
Tuesday: Judges 5:11-24a; Psalm 85:8-13; Matthew 19:23-30
Wednesday:            Judges 9:6-15; Psalm 21:1-7; Matthew 20:1-16a
Thursday:                Judges 11:29-40; Psalm 130; Matthew 22:1-14
Friday: Ruth 1:1-22; Psalm 146; Matthew 22:34-40
Saturday:                 Ruth 2:1-11; 4:13-17 Psalm 128; Matthew 23:1-12

All can be found here.

Traditionally we mark the Feast of Our Lady by holding a parish mass in which we all come together. We can’t do this at the moment (unless we do it outdoors, which we are not) so our Sunday routine remains the same.

This Sunday is a gathering together of all that Mary does and means – for her willing obedience at the Annunciation, for her forbearance and pain as she watched her Son die on the Cross and the joy which was hers at the Resurrection.

The gospel, of course, is the hymn we know as Magnificat – My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour. It is a song of joy and a song of overturning – the rich will become poor, the prideful will be cast down, the hungry will be fed. It is a song of faithfulness. It is a song of God’s trust in us, summed up in His choice of one of us to be the mother of Our Lord. In the middle of what is becoming a dreary summer this is a note of celebration for us all.

Gradually we return to near normal – next Friday we have a wedding, complete with bells ringing out for a service for the first time for eighteen months. On Saturday we are holding our first baptism service since I can’t remember when. We look forward to 27th August, when, hopefully, Mr Drakeford will say it is proper and safe to return even closer to where we were once.

Two notes of congratulations – tomorrow John and Helen Murdoch celebrate their ruby wedding anniversary and the following Sunday Sian and David Jones do the same. ‘To have and to hold from this day forward’ is central to the wedding affirmations and we congratulate both couples on this milestone.

Blessings and peace

Fr Philip

Medieval Poem for 15th August

Crist sayde to hur:
“Com, my swete, com, my flour,
Com, my culver, myn owne boure,
Com, my modyr, now wyth me:
For hevyn qwene I make thee.”

Then the body sat up, and lowted to Crist, and sayde:
“My swete sonne, with al my love
I com wyth thee to thyn above;
Wher thou art now, let me be,
For al my love ys layde on thee.”


Christ visited the body of Mary, and said:
“Come my sweet, come my flower,
Come my dove, come my bower,
Come, my mother, now with me,
For heaven’s Queen I make thee.”Then the body sat up, bowed to Christ, and said:
“My sweet son, with all my love
I come with you to heaven above:
Where you are now, let me be
For all my love I lay on thee.”