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Weekly Sheet 10 October 2021

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Readings for Week 28 in Year 1

Monday:            Romans 1. 1-7; Psalm 98; Luke 11. 29-32
Tuesday:           Romans1. 16-25; Psalm 19. 1-4; Luke 11. 37-41
Wednesday:     Romans 2. 1-11; Psalm 62. 1-8; Luke 11. 42-46
Thursday:        Romans 3. 21-31; Psalm 130; Luke 11. 47-54
Friday:            Romans 4. 1-8; Psalm 32; Luke 12. 1-7
Saturday:          Romans 4. 13-18; Psalm 105. 5-10, 42-45; Luke 12. 8-12

All can be found here

For a little while, it seems, warmth returns and I can look forward to a long dog-walk this afternoon without looking at threatening clouds and another soaking. Hopefully the incredibly heavy rain earlier this week is now part of our past!

Evensong returns to church this week, beginning at the earlier time of 4pm in winter and while Fr Geoff is on leave this Sunday and the 17th it will be livestreamed. This means that we are now back to ‘normal’ as far as services are concerned. All we need is the people to go with them…….

The churches are still places of sanitising, recording and masks so we try our best to keep people safe and expect those who come to play their part in this as well. We are now in the season of flu jabs and third boosters (I wish I could find that letter….) so all this will help as well.

Our first concerts since lockdown was a great success and we look forward to Porthcawl Community Orchestra returning tomorrow at 16.30 in All Saints. Remaining at Level Zero means we can do this but people will ,of course, still have to remain masked.

‘Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?’ The key question for all of us. In tomorrow’s gospel the questioner, of course, is doing all the ‘right’ things, keeping the last six commandments faithfully and well.

As always, Jesus pushes aside the outward and discerns what is truly the man’s priorities, what he really values most, and does this, we reminded, in love, not in point-scoring. ‘You lack one thing: go, sell what you own and give your money to the poor; then come, follow me’.

The man is shocked, hurt and walked away grieving ‘for he had many possessions.’ He might have kept commandments five onwards but had forgotten that the commandments begin not with self but with God.. ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart. You shall have no god before me .’

For him his God is his possessions, his money, his status, his honoured place in society. Jesus calls us, teaches us, shows us what can be done when God is put first: not the easiest route but the one where we are sustained and strengthened by God himself.

May that strength and that focus be ours as we work and live to proclaim the Good News about Jesus Christ

Fr Philip