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Geoff Lunn ordination as Deacon

Waiting for God

Bishop June and the newly-ordained Deacons (Geoff is third from the left)

As you all know, I had an awesome day being ordained deacon at Llandaff Cathedral on Saturday 29th June. At this truly joyous occasion, Bishop June Osborne conducted the ordinations and Bishop John Gladwin preached an inspiring sermon.

I was ordained Deacon along with three priests and five other deacons. I am now taking up my curacy three days a week in the Parish of Newton Nottage and Porthcawl.

This wonderful day was followed by an incredible reception on Sunday after the Parish Mass in St David’s.
My heartfelt thanks to you all for the good wishes, prayers and congratulations you offered me after the worship, and especially to Phillip as he should have been the centre of attention, but bowed to me. I’m glad that we also recognised his important day (40th anniversary of his priesting) and can’t wait until we do that more formally.

They say Pilgrimages begin as you step out the door.
My pilgrimage to ordination began when I spoke to my Rector about how the experiment of ordaining people out of a parish, and putting them back in that parish, was now official. Non Stipendiary Minister (Local) was the cumbersome title. A title open to all adults, irrespective of age! So forms were filled in, and my application to the PCC was passed. Then more forms and these sent to the appropriate people around the Bishop. This was in early 2016. The final selection panel appeared in February 2017 and I started training alongside NSM (Local) trainees from St David’s Diocese in July 2017.

Then Bishop June came along. Just before Christmas 2017 she broke the news she had cancelled NSM (Local) and I would not be ordained deacon in June 2018.

That was the bad news!

The good news was I would restart my training at Summer School in 2018, alongside the other Ordinands (clergy in training) from the Province. This would lead to Ordination as a deacon in 2019.
And! I would be a Non Stipendiary Minister. Note the full-stop!

Back in 2006, searching my vocation, they said I was too old to be trained for the clergy, but here I am, years later, at the first step to priest, ordained as deacon! Yipppeee!

We should wait for God, it is his time that marks the steps of our pilgrimages, not the clock on the wall. On that road we find good and true friends who will ‘Walk the mile and share the load’ as the hymn says. Which hymn? Well, my watchwords as deacon “Brother, Sister, let me serve you!”

Geoff Lunn

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At the same time as Geoff’s ordination in Llandaff Cathedral, 11 of us met in All Saints Lady Chapel to pray for him and the other ordinands and to receive communion.
The service was led by John Berry and was a delightful way to be with Geoff ‘at a distance’.
Jean Flower