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Parish magazine March 2021

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The sun has been shining, the daffodils are starting to pop up and there’s a quiet feeling of things gradually getting better. Lent is a time of prayer, contemplation and thoughtfulness as we prepare for the coming of Easter.

This issue of the magazine picks up on that air of positivity. Fr Philip, Fr Geoff and Fr Mark are helping us to stay connected by inviting us to join them in a variety of prayerful gatherings throughout Lent – both online and socially-distanced. I’m sure that you’ll join me in sending our heartfelt thanks to them all. You can also find out about the new DialASermon service – have you tried it yet?

Many of our articles offer prayers, reflections and recommendations. We may not be seeing each other but we are clearly staying connected as shown in the news from our three churches. Fr Geoff directs us to devotional readings for Lent and Fr Mark shares his interesting response to ‘how do Christians explain suffering’. As  ever, John Berry provides us with a light-hearted yet thoughtful consideration of togetherness and Adrian Warner explains how his TV viewing has improved. Ruth and Julia uncover a surprising find and we have the first in a series of articles about Doris Sadeghi’s life teaching at a blind school in Iran – a delightful story.

As you read through these pages, I hope that positivity seeps in and your spirits are lifted. I know I cherish being part of this lovely community and I thank you for your contributions. The next issue  is our Easter edition, please get your news and stories, thoughts and comments to me by 25th March – I look forward to hearing from you.

Keep smiling and take care,
Helen Murdoch

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