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Parish magazine Easter 2021

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Spring really is in the air, the clocks have changed and we’re looking forward to enjoying the better weather. How different it all is from one year ago – then everything was closing down – now everything is (gradually) opening up! Yippee!

This issue of the magazine is packed with fresh and lively content too. We hear about Primrose Day from St David’s, the Easter Lilies in St John’s and Jean Flower gives us an insight into her busy life  at Albert Edward Prince of Wales Court. Sue Coughlin takes us on a trip to the Holy Land and we have the second part of Doris Sadeghi’s article about teaching in a school for the blind in Iran.

There are articles to stimulate our minds too with prayers and thoughts about this special time in the church year. Fr Philip, Fr Geoff and Fr Mark each give us a different viewpoint, and along with John Berry and Adrian Warner, there’s plenty to get our grey    matter working!

Being editor of this magazine is a privilege. I love having your  messages and missives along with your contributions and it is a   joy to chat and share your stories. My particular thanks to Doris and Jean this month, as well as Sue Evans. Thank you for your lovely letter, Sue, I’m so glad you’ve made the connection between me and my Mum, Ann Browning……and that you continue to use her recipes!

Enjoy reading these pages – I hope they lift your hearts as they have mine. And if it stimulates you to offer a few words of your own, I’d like to have contributions for the May issue by 25th April, please.

Happy Easter! Stay safe,
Helen Murdoch

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