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Parish magazine December 2020

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Have you ever seen so many Christmas lights and decorations up this early in December? Many of us have decided to add some festive cheer to the end of this diabolical year and clambered into attics and cupboards to dust off our glitz and glitter. It certainly brings a smile to my face to see them as I walk around Porthcawl!    

And this month’s magazine adds a little sparkle too! There’s reflection from each of our three churches as they share their news and  a big thank you from the Foodbank too. Our clergy have taken a poetic turn – with Fr Geoff and Fr Mark leading into their articles with a song, whilst the Rector has shared a poignant poem from a Spanish priest. There are several other poems too giving us food for thought as well as a gentle chuckle. And John adds an international flavour – with a touch of brandy!

As the editor of this magazine, I’d like to close out the year with a thank you to all of our loyal readers. We hope you have enjoyed the magazine throughout the year and that the articles have tickled your fancy!

I’d also like to thank everyone who has contributed this year too. I love gathering the varied content and appreciate your support to keep the magazine informative, fresh and fun!

No doubt, like me, you’ll be glad to see the back of 2020. Let’s look forward to a happy, safe and healthy 2021. Our first issue for 2021 covers January/February – please send your contributions to me by 31 January. I hope you have a peaceful Christmas and a relaxing New Year,

Very best wishes,
Helen Murdoch

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