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Janet Gibbon 100 years old

Congratulations Janet – 100 years!

Janet Gibbon 100 years old
Happy 100th Birthday, Janet

Congratulations to Janet Gibbon who has celebrated her 100th birthday this month.
Janet was very active in Church affairs until problems with her legs left her housebound. She organised trips to the Parish retreat at Llangasty and sold thousands of homemade Welsh cakes to raise funds for the building of St David’s church. She didn’t stop there but was always on our cake stalls at the Fairs and usually raffled a cake.
Janet celebrated her birthday with a large party of around 100 family and friends in the Grove. Amongst her many cards, she was thrilled to receive on from the Queen and one from Archbishop Barry.

Fathers congratulate Janet
Fathers Earl, Jonathan, Philip and Neil congratulate Janet

Happy birthday, Janet!