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Weekly Sheet 7 June 2020

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Here is this week’s sheet. You might also care to look at the new addition of the Parish magazine, which is now on our webpage. The internet edition include a picture of All Saints just before the re-polishing actually finished. This is now complete and the chairs are back in place,

just waiting for the day people can use them. Saint David’s has already been repolished and prepared, together with the halls. Saint John’s will be done next week and various other bits of housekeeping are taking place.

For me the good news is that, with the partial lifting of the travel restrictions, I have been able to start visiting people at a safe distance and outside. This has been a joy for me ( and those seen so far say it has been a joy for them, but they are all polite people). I hope in the coming week to be able to do more of this.

Father Geoff’s Zoom meeting has been successful – there is room for more participants. Please contact him for details.

I am now using a new microphone connection direct to my iPhone so audibility has increased on the daily broadcasts.  I am now able to move to the different churches without breaking the rules so Tuesday and Friday come from St John’s and Thursday from St David’s. Small steps back to normal…..

The Feast of the Trinity is when we celebrate God’s fullness as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, reaching out to each one of us.

Thursday this week is the feast of Corpus Christi, when we give thanks for the great gift of Holy Communion and look for the day when we can meet around the Holy Table again.

Take care and stay safe, Every blessing,
Father Philip & Father Geoff