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Weekly Sheet 6 September 2020

Click here for this week’s Weekly Sheet.

Here is this week’s sheet. From tomorrow we re-start our ‘normal’ schedule with additional services at 08.00 and 17.00.
Evensong will stay online – it is attracting a very large number of views, so we are grateful to Fr Geoff for this and for Wednesday evening.

One thing is would ask you to consider is moving your weekly offering to GIFT DIRECT.

We sent a letter and a form to everybody about this right at the beginning of Lockdown, but everyone’s mind was elsewhere! If you still have the form, please fill it in and return it. If not, please get in touch with Dr David Parry on 01656784211 and he will gladly supply one.
Or use the link on the weekly sheet – or CLICK HERE.

Moving your offering to the bank (whether you are a taxpayer or not) means that
·         You don’t have to worry about making up the weeks you might miss
·         The parish’s cash flow becomes a bit more certain in these uncertain times
·         If you are a taxpayer we gain 25p back for every pound – so £20 becomes £25 

Another piece of paper we would like back is the Electoral Roll form – we’ve had a 75% return, but there are more out there! Because I’m on leave from 14-28th September this will happen on Wednesday 30th September in All Saints at 7pm. The paperwork and nomination forms will be out soon.

Remember – as the Medical Centre advertised online this week – the Virus has not gone away, so all our necessary precautions remain in place.
No choirs for a bit!

We say farewell to Kai Williams until Christmass – he’s off to Birmingham to read Physics and we wish him well.

Please pray for our schools as they restart.

Every Blessing,
Fr Philip