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Weekly Sheet 28 June 2020

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This Saturday (27 June) was meant to be the occasion of Father Geoff’s Priesting after his year (less a day) as Deacon.

Although the bishop is ordaining priests and deacons, the very empty Cathedral will have only the stipendiary (paid) ordinands and Geoff’s priesting is postponed to a more open time when some, if not all who wish, can be present. We offer him our prayers at this time (and to all the candidates) and look to the time when we can do this together.

Opening the churches for private prayer has begun and experience will teach us whether times and so on need to be modified. We are willing to listen to suggestions about this and move to later (or earlier) in the day. We are grateful to those who volunteered as Stewards – some are disqualified by age alone.

We heard yesterday that we can now celebrate weddings and funerals in church, provided proper distancing is observed, and this is another welcome step on the road back to normal (and a relief to those getting married in August).

There will be another newsletter next week for those who are not-internet connected and hopefully the July magazine will be ready as well.

As ever, we look for the day when we can meet again!
Every blessing,
Father Philip & Father Geoff