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Weekly Sheet 22 November 2020

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This has been for me the strangest week of all in what Fr Mark calls corona-tide.

One of my daughters came home ill from work at the beginning of the week and had a positive covid 19 diagnosis (she is improving, thankfully). This meant of course that the whole household has to self-isolate
(which the dog is finding very difficult). 

I understand better now how difficult this has been for so many. Feeling quite well and being unable to cross the doorstep is hard. Online services do help!

The plus side is a study tidier than it has been for years. I have found books I had forgotten I had and look forward to re-reading. Much unwanted and unneeded paperwork was taken away this morning but there are still ten more days to go….

So I am going to spend part of this time as a Retreat, a chance to give myself time with God and to let him speak to me, a time to read, think and reflect. This Sunday is the feast of Christ the King, a celebration of He who conquers sin and earth and promises to be with us always, a good place to start as we come to the end of the Christian year and prepare for the great season of Advent. 

This year, of course, Advent and Christmass, like everything else, will be different. We are beginning to make plans as to how we can best do this together  and when, since space in church is literally limited. More on that again.

But this Sunday is day of celebration and thanksgiving, a time for us all to pause, reflect and join with the whole Christian world in praising the one whose love for us is our strength, hope and comfort this day and every day. 

May His love and strength be always yours and ours.
Until 1st December!
Fr Philip