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Weekly Sheet 2 August 2020

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This is an exciting week.

Father Mark
Father Mark will (at last!) be licensed to the parish on Monday at 14.00; the service is on Zoom and if you would like to sign in please let the Rector know.

Fr Mark will preside at the 10.30 on Tuesday and then go to each church in turn.

He will officiate and preach at the 11am on Sunday week and then go on his annual leave- like any parent with children the summer holidays are precious.

We look forward to his being part of the clergy team and making his own distinctive contribution. It is hoped that he will be moving in to the house on West Avenue in September.

His email  is

Fr Geoff
In a more normal world Fr Geoff would have been priested at the end of June. Lockdown forbade that, so his priesting is on Thursday, the feast of the Transfiguration at 18.00

Attendance, alas, is by invitation only and limited to close family (and the Rector).  Fr Geoff will preside at mass for the first time at St David’s at 09.30 on 9th August; he will go to each church in turn – so All Saints on 16th and both services in St John’s on 23rd.

This is a significant time for both our new priests, so please remember them in your prayers.

Unfortunately, we still have no news on permission to open our halls for meetings or refreshments: that will come in time.

Stay well and keep safe,
Every blessing
Fr Philip & Fr Geoff