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Weekly Sheet 19 September 2021

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Readings for Week 25 in Year 1

Monday           Ezra 1:1-6: Psalm 126; Luke 8: 16-18
Tuesday:          Readings for today on special sheet
Wednesday      Ezra 9:5-9; Tobit 13; Luke 9:1-6    
Thursday:         Haggai 1: 1-8; Psalm 149: 1-6; Luke 9: 7-9    
Friday:             Haggai 1: 15-29; Psalm 43: 1-4; Luke 9: 18-22     
Saturday:          Zechariah 2: 5-9, 14-15; Jeremiah 31: 10-13; Luke 9: 43-45   

 All can be found here

Here is this week’s weekly sheet. 

With the Rector away on leave it has been slightly more busy. What is more he has another week to go! We look forward to his return, refreshed and renewed. 

We are moving into the close of Pentecost Season now. There are five weeks to go to Bible Sunday, which traditionally closes Pentecost. At that time October will be almost a memory. Now, forgive me rushing us all ahead, but this is Harvest Time. A time when all is gathered in against the winter’s storms. So over the coming weeks we need to prepare for winter. I say this as a metaphor because we are fortunately at a point in the pandemic where life appears normal. So supermarkets are no longer a worry because we have ti stay in, and book online weeks ahead and so on. 

As you know from the news the bug is still around, still able to change to more invasive variants and there is talk of booster jabs. At the end of this month I go for my annual Flu jab. The more of us that receive and keep up the inoculation against the pandemic, the more likely we will gain what science calls ‘herd immunity’. The more we do that the weaker the Corona Virus becomes. Thankfully we have the choice, it is not compulsory in our democracy. Personally I would advise people to be vaccinated.

Thinking again about this harvest time, it seems that end of Autumn 2021 is a time when Harvest Home will mean more of us ready for Flu and more of us boosted to help us gain common and natural immunity. It will also mean keeping the hospital staff, surgeries, and so on in our prayers, as well as each other.

On Tuesday this week we celebrate St Matthew. The poem on the back of the weekly sheet is once again by Malcolm Guite. It is from his book Sounding the Seasons. This book is available from all good christian book shops and online at Eden,com. Guite calls Matthew’s gospel is the one of great reversal. He is referring to Matthew 20:16 where Jesus says, “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.’ I wonder if that is why the NHS picked the most vulnerable to receive the booster first? Probably not but it is a ‘no brainer’ if you read Matthew’s gospel!

With prayers and warmest wishes,