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Weekly Sheet 18 October 2020

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(sorry! the date on this sheet may be wrong, but the information is correct for 18 October 2020)

We have had a relatively quiet week, save for our first Zoom meeting about the new Ministry Area, which will be led by Fr Jonathan.
There will be endless further conversations and my colleagues will write about it in the November magazine.

Fr Geoff has spent his day in PoW and is safely returned.
He will be back with us soon physically and of course maintains our internet evensong and Wednesday online meeting place.

The main news, of course, is the proposed ‘fire break’ lockdown which may (or probably will) start on Monday and last for two weeks.
The resurgence of Covid-19 is something we all must take extremely seriously and it is good that Welsh government is acting in this way, despite the inevitable inconvenience and fears.

We must wait to see what that means for worship and our life together and be sure to hold our life and the life of all God’s people in our prayers.
We will in any case continue our daily livestreams and I am grateful to my colleagues for their help with this.

It would be better and easier of course if Fr Mark’s house here was ready for him, but I am told that day is not far off!

Take care and stay safe,
Every blessing,
Fr Philip