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Weekly Sheet 14 June 2020

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Some good news is that the work of cleaning all the churches and polishing the floors in all three churches and halls has been completed. Having a few weeks (11!) traffic-free has given us time for this and we are very grateful to Wayne and Elaine Clarke for doing this so professionally, together with  sundry other housekeeping jobs. The aim has been to prepare to open our doors again so that we come in to places that are fresh, clean and inviting.

The Archbishop speaking on Corpus Christi (click here to view or visit the Parish Facebook page) seems to be hinting that on 18th June the First Minister will be allowing at least the opening of churches for private prayer, which is a start. By the time I write next Friday we will know for sure.

It is good to know that Covid-19 seems at the moment to be in retreat and there is no doubt that the lockdown has helped enormously with this.

Like the psalmist, however, we all cry ‘how long, o my soul, how long’. We remember too that if it seems to be in retreat here it is growing in other places far less well-resourced than us and we pray for them.

The poster #Black Lives Matter outside All Saints was not there for long (the optimistic presumption is that it was carried away by the wind and rain on Wednesday night, not that someone came into the grounds and removed it). The point of the poster, in the light of the tragic death of George Floyd, is to remind us and our society that our BAME fellow-citizens are historically and presently disadvantaged which is something to recognise and not ignore.

We commend Fr Geoff’s growing Zoom experience on Wednesday@6 – taste and see! Click here for more details.

This week’s gospel reading tells of the commissioning of the twelve by Jesus, going out into their local communities. The message is one of healing and hope. He give us that same message and it is our message to others.

With every blessing in what Fr Mark, our Curate in waiting, calls the 11th Week of Coronatide

Father Philip & Father Geoff