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Weekly Sheet 12 July 2020

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A Saturday delivery because I was waiting for the First Minister’s announcements and spent yesterday afternoon in Bristol, visiting Elen at a distance on Clifton downs.

The good news is that from Sunday week, 19th we will begin to open for worship inside – this is sooner than expected.
The bad news is that there will be yet more Risk Assessments so I cannot tell you yet what needs to be done first.

As soon as we have an Action Plan I will email again and Father Geoff and I will telephone the non-internet 120.

What is certain is that we will not be going back to our usual service pattern yet awhile. No pipe organs, no singing and social spacing means a big difference.
But we will do our best to establish a sustainable pattern.

Please pray for Father Mark as he begins his preparations for moving here (though we are still waiting for the house to be empty) and for Father Geoff as he begins to prepare for his Priesting (date to be confirmed).

Pray too, please, Mr David Philpot who was taken into hospital yesterday.  I spoke to him last night and it seems he will be in for a week at least.

So until we meet again –sooner than we thought, I hope
Every blessing
Father Philip