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Saint Mary’s is a smaller church at Trecco Bay and focuses on visitors to Porthcawl. Services are offered during the summer and on special occasions. There is also a programme of summer fun organised by Churches Together in Porthcawl.

It all started in 1953 – the first full scale experiment of taking the Church to holiday-makers at Trecco Bay was conducted at the caravan and campsite from Saturday 18th  July to Monday 31st August.

With many ups and downs over the years, the work has continued to this day and is now jointly shared by Churches Together in Porthcawl. For four weeks during August, volunteers from our   Parish, Trinity, Gilgal and Stella Maris churches arrange a Sunday service and a lively programme of activity and fun for visiting   families every weekday afternoon.

This year we opened the season from Monday 30th July until Friday 3rd August with a Mass on Sunday 5th August. The response from holiday-makers was very good and we welcomed old friends and new, laughing, chatting and, sometimes, just listening.

Thank you to everyone for their help and support.


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