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Parish magazine November 2019

It’s a good job I like jigsaws because this month’s magazine has been just that. Thank you so much for all the amazing contributions this month – it’s certainly kept me quiet piecing it all together!

The usual news from across the Parish is particularly chatty this month and Deborah’s talk at the Mothers’ Union sounds fascinating – I can’t wait until my copy of her book arrives!
Ruth has given us a very interesting article about the Cenotaph – as well as an update on “the bells”. (I’m sorry I didn’t get to the Jolly Sailor quiz, but what a fantastic response!)
There are several thought-provoking articles too – from regulars Geoff and John, and new-comer Adrian.
And maybe we can adopt a welcome similar to the one Carolyn and Jeff have shared from their trip to Dorchester. Thank you all, you’ve given us a great read.

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