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Parish magazine Lent 2020

They say that if you have 20/20 vision, your eyesight is ‘perfect’! I don’t know about ‘perfect’ but from the wide and varied contributions I’ve received for this magazine, I do know that there are lots of you that are very good at looking back and looking forward! Thank you all for your amazing contributions.

Many of the articles look back at a vibrant December – the services, concerts, Christmas trees, fantastic flowers, refurbished bells and a Parish Mass. And tucked into all of these there’s a mass of fun and friendship too. Thank you to those in each of the churches who do so much to make regulars, locals and visitors so welcome.

As well as regular updates and news, Fr Geoff treats us to an explanation of ‘church colours’ – click here for a visual to go with his article. We have an interesting article from Adrian with a poignant reminder about what we can do to protect our planet. And there’s more from Marj’s cousin’s wonderful “quirky” letters. I’d never heard of Clown Sunday before – click here for a great photo! And thanks to Helen for finding the 1962 letter from Canon Roach asking for donations to ‘complete’ All Saints. A real gem!

We’re also looking ahead and there’s a full diary of events coming up. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about 2020 Year of Pilgrimage in due course too.

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