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Parish magazine Lent 2020

They say that if you have 20/20 vision, your eyesight is ‘perfect’! I don’t know about ‘perfect’ but from the wide and varied contributions I’ve received for this magazine, I do know that there are lots of you that are very good at looking back and looking forward! Thank you all for your amazing contributions. Many of the articles look back at…

Liturgical Colours – Part 1

Happy New Year! How is the new decade treating you? 2020 started well for me. I had a birthday, and turned 21 – the Celsius version of my actual age! I mention it because of the many wishes, cake and cards. I want to say thank you to you all, not only for your birthday…

Thank you from Foodbank

Every church in the Parish contributes a significant amount to the Foodbank each month. We received a lovely Thank you message from Bridgend Foodbank in November. Here’s a picture of this month’s contribution! Thank you to everyone – it really is appreciated, so keep it coming!