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How’s this for new clerical dress!

Fr Hugh James and his wife, Sue

John Berry provided this great photo with the comment that he thought the new clerical dress is an improvement.

The photo shows Fr Hugh James in the centre. Some of you may remember him – he served his curacy here in the 1980’s!
John says, “Hugh was a priest here when I arrived in Porthcawl in 1983. He covered the interregnum when Rector Hector Evans retired and before David John was installed. Hugh’s wife Sue, at the keyboard in the picture, is also from Porthcawl. They now live in the United States.”

Editor’s note: I remember Sue Alexander, as she was then, from school, although I think she went to St Clare’s Convent not Porthcawl Comprehensive. I don’t remember those glasses though!

What are your thoughts on this outfit……will you tell the Rector and Geoff, or shall I!!