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Flood Relief at Chengannur, Kerala

We have all been touched and concerned with the floods in Kerala. 270 people died, but fifty thousand became homeless – homes were simply swept away or broken up by the water.

At Chengannur YMCA alone, 190 people were accommodated from 14 to 31 August. The YMCA was selected as the best model Camp. 2850 Relief Kits were distributed over 28 Municipal Wards.

At the base camp the collection & distributions of Relief Materials continues in co-ordination with other camps and the registration of support initiatives.

YMCA Chengannur is continuing to work with other Non Government organisations. The daily programme includes cleaning the flooded homes, daily distribution of water and cleaning kits.

YMCA Porthcawl wishes to thank all those who have contributed towards this work in Chengannur YMCA. We have collected£1,100.

John Berry BEM