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Cream Tea with Bubbles

Cream Tea with Bubbles!

Do you like helping your community,
yet also love to have some fun?
Like supporting local causes,
enjoy a nice cream tea and buns?

Then All Saints Church at 3 pm
on Sunday the 1st of September,
raising funds for LATCH and Sandville
Is the date you must remember.

Dainty little finger sarnies,
home made scones and cakes and more!
Tea and chat and friends and laughter,
enough to make your jaw quite sore!

And if that’s not enough on offer
we have (to purchase as you dine)
a mini bar to sell Prosecco
G & T, red and white wine.

The singer, she is quite outstanding!
So good last year, we booked again!
The whole affair was quite delightful
(forgive me please for sounding vain).

£10 a ticket’s all we’re asking
(though if you want you can give more)!
So if you want one
please phone Sian Jones Porthcawl 771734.

Sian Jones, Porthcawl