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200 Club relaunch, Festival & Draw

On Saturday 3rd June, we spent a very pleasant afternoon in All Saints Hall (recently decorated for Charlotte and Harry’s wedding) to re-launch the Parish 200 Club.

We greeted our supporters with a glass of Prosecco which was  later followed by scones (with cream and jam), cakes (left for us by the bride and groom) and cups of tea or coffee. There were  raffle tickets to buy, the £1 stall to view, and friends to chat with.

Thanks to the generosity of parishioners (for gifts of food, raffle prizes and, of course, their time) there were no expenses. Special thanks go to Jan Parkinson, Jane and Philip Angell, Linda Fletcher, Iris Hickman, Gloria Long and Jackie Thomas.

Ticket sales                   £106                                                       Raffle prizes won by:
Raffle                              £58                                                        – Tony Foyle
£1 stall                            £27                                                        – Denise de la Roque
Donation                          £3                                                         – Joan Gardiner
PROFIT MADE            £194                                                         – Marian Jones

Winners of the 200 Club draw (210 numbers held):  £100 to John Berry; £75 to Margaret Freeman; £50 to Pam Rossini; and £25 to Julie Phillips.

If you are not a member and wish to join and be included in the next 3 draws (which will take place before the 1st June 2018), please contact your church representative who will pass your £10, name, address and phone number to Kevin Boscott, our new treasurer. He can then provide you with your “winning” number!

Please watch the Weekly Sheets for the dates of the draws. The next one will probably be a “Coffee & Danish” morning in St John’s schoolroom at the end of August.

Thank you for your continued support and Good Luck!

Jean Flower 

200 Club church representatives:
St John’s – Iris Hickman
All Saints – Dilys Moxham
St David’s—Gloria Long