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Doing Church Differently

As you know, we have been asked to close all our buildings for worship and I cannot continue to travel to each church at the usual service times as I have been to pray through the Mass, using my imagination and my memory to picture who would normally be there with me (and those who should be!) Mass will still be offered every day but at All Saints, so the imagination steps up a bit. We are going online, with a service broadcast on our Facebook page (the Parish of Newton, Nottage and Porthcawl) on Wednesday and Sunday morning. There will be more livefeeds in Holy Week.

I suggest that you use that time at home, if you can, to make an act of spiritual communion. The readings for each day are on the weekly sheet, which is online. You can also join in morning and evening prayer, which I say at 09.30 and 17.00there are apps for this which take the strain awayAny requests for intercessions willingly received.

There will be resources placed on our website ( to help, together with  apps which help with daily prayer. Click here for Prayers for these times. If you prefer something on paper then just ring the office and we will post them to you.

Obviously at this time our prayer focus is on those who have caught the virus and those who treat them, those who have died and those who mourn, together with those in government who have to make some tough decisions in the days to come. We pray too for those who have to self-isolate and especially for those who live alone and whose family is distant. We will try to keep in touch by telephone and feel free to ring me or Fr Geoff at any time.

The town has a strategy to help with care and with shopping – you can find it on Facebook at Porthcawl Covid-19 strategy and online at You can sign up to volunteer as a telephone buddy or to help deliver food or prescriptions or you can tell them that you need assistance with collecting medicines or shopping. It is a practical way of helping our neighbour and of being helped if need be.

So until we get back to normal you remain in our prayers and thoughts and we trust we are in yours. We were in the process anyway of writing to everyone about the electoral roll and finance, so we enclose that as well, against the day when ordinary life restarts.

Be safe and take care, with every blessing

Fr Philip                      Fr Geoff
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You can download a copy of this letter here