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All Saints Church Hall

Harry and Charlotte’s Wedding

All Saints Church Hall (Photo: Peter Morgan Photos)

A number of years ago following a successful event in All Saints Church Hall, someone suggested the hall would make a wonderful venue for a wedding. Harry and Charlotte picked up on this and thought it would be a wonderful idea – a venue for their wedding with a more personal feel. Everyone was keen on the idea and all offered to help out on the day and before. Even the Rector seemed overjoyed at the idea of using the hall in this manner.

It was wonderful for Harry and Charlotte that such skilled friends took control – the Rector is now the most qualified floor polisher in the region! The wedding was the catalyst for a massive spring cleaning of the Hall, stage and everywhere else the rector could get to.

The Hall was repainted over 2 weekends with monies from the social fund. Most would agree it now looks stunning and feels larger with the careful selection of colour schemes, additional soft lighting, the floor polished a number of times, and flowers arranged by our flower team.

Saturday 27th May 2017 dawned and everything turned out as planned, if not better, indeed it exceeded our wildest dreams. The service was wonderful and when we went into the hall, it was a sight that we shall never forget. It is difficult to explain how wonderful the hall looked. The ‘wow’ factor was really there.

Such a wonderful day. Thank you everyone,
Phillip Angell