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90th Anniversary of Confirmation

The most senior member of our church, Mrs. Celia Field, who is 104, recently celebrated the 90th Anniversary of her Confirmation.

On 24th January 1928, at the age of 14, she was confirmed at All Saints’ Church. She lived in Church Place at that time and came through a gate that existed then, in the church wall just opposite her house.

Three friends shared in her celebration, with a Home Communion service arranged by Helen Owen. It was a joyful occasion. Celia shared memories of that Confirmation day and glimpses of the long years since then.

Although she lived in the Cotswolds and in West Wales for many years with her family, Celia always loved Porthcawl. She returned and made her home here. Over forty of her friends signed a card with a picture of the interior of All Saints’ where she had stood that day, sending their congratulations and loving  wishes to this life-long, faithful member of our church and parish.